Bedtime Relaxation

sleeping I posted on my Facebook page today. How do you make a million pounds? Answer £1.00 at a time.

So where so I get those £’ss from?

Answer I don’t know yet but what I do know is it will be from helping others.

One area I am passionate about it helping kids to chill out relax and take some time out.

Our kids are 12 & 6 and our eldest had night terrors on a regular basis, I have always had an interest in stress management, relaxation and think it is very important to switch off at night.

Our boy would go an hour and a half later he would start yelling and screaming pacing the rooms, absolutely terrified with horror in his still sleeping eyes.  Guiding him back to bed and trying to soothe him back into a restful state would prove exhausting and very tiring.

I got into the habit of when taking my boy to bed doing a gentle relaxation technique to help him calm down, relax the body and sleep for the full night (fingers crossed) It didn’t cure his night terrors outright but it did drastically cut down on the frequency.  If I was not able to do the bedtime relaxations the night terrors would return.  Thank fully they are no longer a problem he is almost teen – but he still asks for a relaxation sometimes.

However our girl is a different kettle of fish.  She has the occasional night mare but her night time problem is more of a switching off and calming down. She has a very active imagination and can worry about anything and everything.  As soon as she pulls the covers, she will recall things that have worried her about her day, a disagreement with friends, a telling off from mummy or daddy, her brother being mean (shock horror) and any number of things that your average Y1 has going on in their mind.  The relaxations I do for her are all about being calm, protected and feeling confident.

My aim is to produce a book of bedtime relaxations for kids that parents can read to their children, and also recorded relaxations that can be downloaded and left playing in the bedroom whilst the child goes off to sleep. I have written a 30 day programme for family communications and the bedtime relaxation is a big part of it.

So here is a sample of our girls current favourite relaxation.  It is based loosely on the chakra energy system but I use the colours of the rainbow as I feel this is what our girl can relate to I use words that my daughter will understand and is comfortable with.  She is mad on all things girly so I chose to use sparkles and flowers but adjust accordingly to words that your child will relate to.

Feel free to use and pass onto anyone whom you think may be interested. Also feedback your thoughts of course if you think I have a book in there or something else that I may not have thought of. Are you lying comfortably?… Then I shall begin.


Close your eyes and relax

Breathe in Red sparkles and Breathe out Red flowers   (Repeat 3 times)

As you breathe out the red flower imagine that each petal of the flower is helping you to feel relaxed and happy. Each petal helps you realise that it is really good to be you and you like who you are.

Breathe in Orange sparkles and Breathe out Orange Flowers (Repeat 3 times)

As you breathe out the orange flower imagine that you can see the biggest orange flower that you have ever seen and each petal of the flower belongs to each of your friends.

Breathe in Yellow Sparkles and Breathe out Yellow Flowers (Repeat 3 times)

As you breathe out the yellow flower you can imagine that flower right in the centre of your tummy, The flower is big and bright just like your smile and it makes you feel happy and secure. You know that if you ever feel sad, upset or worried about something you can put your hand on your tummy and think about that big flower that helps to feel happy and secure.

Breathe in Pink sparkles and Breathe out Pink Flowers (Repeat 3 times)

As you breathe out the pink flower image that there is a large pink flower just where your heart is. This helps you to think of all the people, places and animals that you love. The flower is so large and it holds all the love in the world. You can send love to people who you love just by thinking about them and holding your hand on your heart.

Breathe in Blue Sparkles and Breathe out Blue flowers (Repeat 3 times)

As you breathe out the blue flowers imagine that each flower is a kind word that is said about you, and you can hear all the kind words that people say about you. You can also use each flower that you think about for helping you to choose kind and caring words.

Breathe in Purple Sparkles and Breathe out Purple flowers (Repeat 3 times)

As you breathe out the purple flowers imagine that the purple flower is there to give you wonderful dreams. Helping you to relax and sleep soundly tonight.  The flower is soft and delicate and will ensure you have wonderful dreams tonight.

Breathe in Diamond Sparkles and Breathe out Diamond Petals. (Repeat 3 times)

As you breathe out the diamond petals, imagine that they are falling like raindrops bright, shiny, wonderful warm raindrops falling all over your body. The petals are landing on your body and they fall together like a coat of armour, this is a magical coat of armour and offers protection from feeling sad and worried It helps your dreams be happy bright and shiny. You know that the magical diamond petals are there to help you feel, relaxed, happy, bright and shiny.

And now it’s time to go to sleep to relax and enjoy your sweet dreams.  


For more information about the 28 day family relaxation package available either as a download or as a workbook take a look.


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