HELP Addicted to Sugar

Meant to Be?

I was probably around 19 when she said it to me. I can’t remember anything else she said so it obviously had a massive impact on my life and certainly on the size of my jeans.

I remember walking out of the kitchen going across to my sister and she asked what my future held instore.

I replied I was going to be overweight by the time I was 30. She was not surprised the women in our family have child bearing hips.

I filed it away under ironic that a Medium had said I was going to be a Large.

There it was, set in stone or rather my subconscious the minnions had taken the instruction from Gru.

Fat by 30 Fat by 30 Fat by 30.
crystal ball

Just like Jean Luc on Enterprise I made it so number one.  It was in the stars all along.

Fast forward a decade or so and there was the question I was often asked by misguided strangers and sometimes friends who I hadn’t seen for a while. “When’s it due?”

I’d reply with I’m not pregnant I’m just fat.

You see I couldn’t get pregnant, no reason and it wasn’t for want of trying but it just never happened. Not even with the help of mind and body altering drugs that wreaked my self-confidence, self-esteem and totally obliterated any common sense I had at the time.

It was just not meant to be, but my body had listened to that medium all those years ago and it had also thought it would be fun to alter my shape and make it look like I was actually pregnant so strangers and friends could congratulate me and ask when it was due.  Ha bloody ha.

I wasn’t one to let that put me off I still kept on going with the cakes, chocolate and biscuits. The thirties came and went and I was indeed a Large. Then the forties came and are almost gone and I am still a large. But now there is a shift and the minnons are starting to listen to their new instructions.

The Voices in My Head

Thanks to the 9 minute pod I listen to on an evening I have noticed a shift in my thinking. I am leaving food on my plate. I am not eating a whole packet of biscuits. I am still having one or two but one or two biscuits it’s such an improvement on one or two packs. It feels like a huge victory.

I’m determined not to be a slave to the scales so I only intend on getting weighed maybe once a month or maybe not at all. But I can feel a difference in my clothes and I feel lighter around my stomach area not as rotund, still  wobbly and it is still there but I’m not as bloated.

So there I am feeling all smug and amazed at the miracle that is the Slimpod Thinking Slimmer app a short 9 minute chat to your subconscious mind. Seriously I don’t even have to actively listen to it. I tap play on the app when I get in bed at night spooning with Mitch and then drift off to sleep. Sometimes I am aware of the words sometimes I am not. I maybe thinking about what tomorrow could bring or what I forgot to do that day.

The changes and effects are subtle. Now this is a challenge for me as I like to do things quick and fast when it comes to weight loss I like to be drastic and see results. So this is a challenge.

I almost got derailed when hormone central pulled into the station at the weekend. Blimey charley I wanted biscuits and I had them. No way was some bloke who whispered into my ear at night going to make me forgo my birth right as a woman, I wanted chocolate and I was going to have it.

And I did…
I ate some biscuits and I ate chocolate but I didn’t eat bars and bars of chocolate. I didn’t eat packets of biscuits and I didn’t devour the multi- pack of crisps that were in the “treat” cupboard, neither did I have pudding after our meal on Sunday. I did however buy a piece of dime bar cake at the play centre on Saturday but I split it into three. Seriously I split it into three pieces. I cannot believe it just wrote that!
I split a piece, a slither, a triangle of dime bar cake into three!
A few weeks ago that would have been total sacrilege.

That man speaking in my ear at night. He is making a difference.
He is showing the minnions there is another way.
It is happening, slowly but surely and thanks to Sandra Roycroft-Davis the lady behind Slimpod and Thinking Slimmer has explained to me that I have an anchor that is sabotaging my weight loss.
As a coach I get this, I know about limiting beliefs and anchors and all that malarkey and I have my suspicions that the medium and the whole fertility business are lurking in there somewhere.

The lovely Sandra saw my fears about the hormones and biscuits on the Slimpod Facebook page. She took time out of her busy day and simply pointed out that I probably had deep seated issues. Listening to the pods will break down the issues and see them extinguished. I’m on the Slimpod Gold programme, a twelve week course  includes the Slimpod and pods for motivation / exercise and relaxation. There is a very supportive and interactive Facebook group which offers support and camaraderie plus a full programme behind the pods including email support and video information. This infrastructure will have a positive impact on these deep seated anchors. Not only that but I will find out more about sabotages and anchors in a few weeks when I enter phase two.

I’m entering phase two soon. I don’t think I have ever entered a second phase in any of my weight loss journeys before, simply because the call of the biscuits was too much to bear and I couldn’t resist. This time I feel confident that I will reach phase two and beyond.

So I’m off to where I have never been before, to continue letting that voice into my head, to continue noticing the differences that make the difference, to allow the smile when I smugly only take one biscuit or when I ask for a glass of water in a bar because that is what I really want to drink not because I am skint.  To notice that I am finding running easier thanks to the motivation pod and wow the relaxation pod is just perfect bath time listening.

I eagerly await the changes that I will soon see (not too eagerly you understand there is a life change in progress) The changes in my clothes I’m looking forward to others noticing the change in my shape and my smile.
When they ask are you dieting?
I will categorically say no, not me, no diet.
Because I am not dieting but I am banishing my limiting beliefs around my body and my addiction to sugar, I am finally after two and a half decades getting the minnions under control. The anchors will finally be detached from this ship and thrown overboard.

Anchors Aweigh


Slimpod have donated the use of the app and programme to myself but all thoughts and opinions are my own.


Sheffield Mum 5 Stone Weight Loss

The Diet Industry doesn't work

Seen the headline?

Yep it’s true

Lets get this clear. I have never had a weight problem UNTIL I thought I had one and I started dieting. I remember the time I stepped on the scales and saw a weight gain of 6lb in four days. I had been to Scotland with my then fiancé and met his extended family for the first time. We ate drank and were very merry. So merry, that my size 10 trousers were a tad tight on the journey home. I jumped on the scales the next morning and the slippery slope began.

As a school girl I was skinny, I ran skipped danced and rode my bike through the 70’s

As a teen I was skinny I skipped, danced and laughed my way through the 80’s

Then I hit my twenties and I skipped, danced, worked out like a demon and worried about the size of my hips.

I wasn’t enormous I wasn’t overweight and I certainly wasn’t obese. The visit to Scotland saw me break the 9st barrier, another half a stone went on and before I knew it I was over 10stone. Action was required and I joined a weight loss group. I wasn’t fat and I certainly wasn’t obese.

But that pesky half a stone would get lost and then find its way back onto my butt or ass.

By the time I was approaching my 30’s I had lost half a stone approximately 10 times but had put it back on again along with a further 3 stones or more.

So a decade of not much movement compared to previous years add in fertility treatment and hormones, plus an addiction to chocolate and cakes and biscuits then and only then did I become Obese. A decade and a half of dieting and finally I became Obese!!

I was talking to a friend the other day (over latte and cake of course) our yo-yo dieting practices and she had decided to go back to her slimming club as it was the “only thing” that works. I know we are not the only friends having that conversation especially since the dawn of a New Year.

But the sad truth is it’s not. It’s not working as we have to keep going back. It does work for the period of attendance. Only a few members in manage to change thought processes and relationships with food therefore getting to target and most importantly staying there.  The rest of us stay on that cycle or yo-you dieting often starting out heavier than when the diet began. I am a prime example of this my last diet started out last January. Today I have weighed and measured myself I am 2” larger on my hips than I was this time last year and a whole 12lbs. But on that diet I lost 6lbs. At least I am consistent. I have deduced that I am no good at dieting. Or am I quite perfect at it?

I like to look nice but It is not something I stress about and I don’t spend ages in front of the mirror. However I am raising my profile at the moment for my speaking and coaching career. This will involve the recording of videos and speaking opportunities.

Exciting yes BUT daunting. I don’t want to be seen as that fat middle aged woman on YouTube.

I’ve received the first warning signs. Four years ago I was admitted to hospital as I had a gall stone which blocked the exit of the gall bladder causing my gall bladder to become septic I was very ill for a while and had to have a drain fitted for almost a month not nice then my poisoned gall bladder was removed. There were complications the whole time and I was very ill.

I have grandad knees and my hips ache they have started to ache most likely due to the extra padding that gives me so much more than a muffin top.

Sweet Sweet Life
Good Advice Which I love to follow

Mum was a good dieter, she would have a cheat day that lasted a cheat week, she would reward herself with a bun after a weight loss, commiserate after a gain and have a it won’t make a difference if she had maintained. Perhaps I got my sweet tooth from her.

My problem is cakes, biscuits, comfort eating, large portions huge portions too and not moving enough, coupled with the stress of caring for and losing mum I have put on even more weight this last year.

If you always do what you have always done then you will always get what you have always got.

Dieting doesn’t work for me –It is all about denial, it is all about restrictions and even more so resentment.  I am a bit of a maverick I don’t like being told what to do. Time to stop losing that half a stone and putting on more. Time for change.

As a coach I know all about the conscious mind and the subconscious mind. It is the reason why dieting fails for me probably – for others too.

The subconscious is the part that “does the do”, It breathes,  it blinks,  it just does everything automatically. So when I reach for the biscuit tin I do it unconsciously as it is a habit I have formed over many years and a belief I have that one won’t hurt but the trouble is my subconscious mind can’t count.

My conscious mind is the one that gives the commands. Have you seen Despicable Me? It’s like Gru to the subconscious minions. Decisions are made, and restrictions put in place but when Gru is switched off the minions kick in and head straight for the cake tin. Changes have to be made; The minions need to be doing the same dance as Gru and I think I have finally found the answer in Slimpod. A nine minute recording that speaks directly to your subconscious mind whilst you chill out. Both Gru and the Minions will finally be doing the same shimmy! Hurrah

It sounds just what the doctor ordered So far I am on day 4 and I have noticed subtle changes, more water consumption, food left on my plate, no cake with the coffee. But I have had cake as it was my birthday last week and I had a divine lemon drizzle cake but I had one slice at a time. That is unbelievable in my house and even more so in my head. Yesterday I took a biscuit had a bite realised how sweet it was and gave the rest to the dog. This was all without thinking and stressing could I be forming new food habits? I do hope so. My husband and kids relate me to being like Joey Tribbiani from friends I do not share food. The dog is my new best friend.

Changes are taking place I am hoping the minions will comply and soon will be shimmying across that dancefloor with a sexy little tush.  As they have a wedding to attend in 12 weeks.

The Slimpod gold programme is a 12 week programme that requires a commitment of 9minutes listening time per evening. Plus a few minutes reflection on the day to record achievements. I have taken it a step further as I have agreed with Thinking Slimmer to blog my progress and how I feel the app and the programme is working for me. So along with the other stuff I am doing I will keep you informed.

So far so good

I'm not unhappy, BUT  I want change.
I’m not unhappy
BUT I want change.

Interested in  Slimpod and Thinking Slimmer check it out. Please note I am an affiliate of Thinking Slimmer and may receive a commission payment for any sales generated from my efforts

Slimpod have donated the use of the app and programme to myself but all thoughts and opinions are my own. If you would like to know more about the process then you can  check it out here.



Review and Renew


New Year New Beginnings

The beginning of a New Year and you are supposed to be focusing on the future and reflecting on the last year.

I must admit I am not a big reflector I always say I live my life like I drive I rarely look in the rear-view mirror as I’ve already been there.

But I thought it may be good to do a little bit of reflection and some changes for the coming year.

I started this blog to help me deal with my mum’s decline in health and dementia. Also for an element of accountability as I looked at developing my brand and growing a business. Things were very tough when I started the blog Mitch had been out of work for a long time and subsequently his mental health was suffering. But I so needed him at home too and he has been my absolute rock there for me every step of the last year and I treasure our relationship. This is my release a cathartic way to get my emotions out there.

Lots of things bring the tears flowing but then lots of things bring gratitude and laughter too. We are so grateful we have our Giraffes Neck. This year she has flourished as a funny, free spirited loving kind fuman being (she insists it is fuman not human) Our boy has continued to grow at an alarming rate almost a teenager he has expanded his circle of friends and keeps stretching both his and his parents comfort zone. It is a steep learning curve parenting a popular 12 year old.

I thought I had done all my crying, but I hadn’t I hadn’t at all. It hits you just when you don’t expect it, taking photos of the kids and laughing at their antics thinking I’ll tell mum about that – then remembering you can’t, buying a Christmas card for your Dad. They don’t do ones that say
“Just get through this Christmas the best you can – we know you are heartbroken”.

Dad has been up and down since mum, he has been in hospital a couple of times and so I am spending more time with him than I had anticipated. This I do find draining as with Mum we would go to garden centres or shops or pop to the pub for lunch. Dad isn’t bothered about going out unless he needs something (he needs nothing) I clean the bungalow, cook his food, and watch TV with him. We do go out sometimes but he really isn’t that bothered he just wants company. Doing not much is more exhausting than fussing around someone in a wheelchair and hoping they don’t say or do anything out of character.

I am getting slowly back to being me. Although I am not sure who “me” is anymore as I know I can’t be the same person I was prior to the caring responsibilities.

I tell people that they need to look after themselves first you can’t pour from an empty cup but I couldn’t remember the last time I thought about myself or my business as a priority.

Things have to change I know that and they are. Operation Empowered is underway!!

I was chosen to have a style and image consultation and photo shoot to help me on my way.  I have also ventured into a salon for a cut and colour.
I’ve started running again something I really enjoy but have struggled to get past the 5K mark and keep up the continuity but four of us sisters have started on a regular basis and although we have had a bit of a break during the build up to Christmas we will be back on it soon. I am also committing to losing the excess weight I gained since mums decline, I put on over a stone and a half add that to the extra 2stone. So I am starting on a slimpod journey and will be using the techniques to help me make the changes. That journey will form part of my revamped blog.

I attended a kundalini yoga session the other day and the word Freedom came to me. So freedom is going to be my word for the foreseeable future. I want freedom of time to be able to support my children in their activities and life. I want freedom of time to be able to take dad to appointments and support his needs. I want freedom of finances (this is a biggy) so we can go out for meals, we can get passports and go on holidays abroad and at home should we wish. I want freedom of finances so we can clear our debt and build a future for our kids living in an area that will nourish our mind body and souls.

Happiness is the New Success
I aim to be visible and become a great influencer not because I want the fame and fortune but because I want to make a positive impact on peoples lives, giving them confidence to be themselves empowered to be free. This is getting a new year start as I will be speaking at a networking event on this coming Thursday the title of my talk?

Happiness is the New Success… eeekkk exciting times. Its the day before my birthday so I even get a night out too.

My business will be based on Authenticity (hence the blog) Empowerment, Gratitude and Freedom. So watch this space as things come to fruition that I have worked on for a long time as the time is now right. Because if not now when? There will always be something to hold me back there will always be a child that needs a hug, a dog that needs a walk and probably a sister that wants to chat, not forgetting a Dad who wants, well he just wants me to be there.

I’m going to give the blog a bit of a makeover as when I started it I was in a dark place although I didn’t realise it at the time I wanted it to be black and white. But now I want to implement some colour and energy into it. I would love for my lil old blog to be seen around the world for it to have an impact on people on a similar journey to me so they can know they are not alone be it with parenting, caring or shifting those love handles and anything else that crops up in our world.

Much love to you all and I wish you happiness, health and abundance for each and every day of 2016.

elaine mitchell