Elaine Mitchell Life CoachI’m Elaine Mitchell a forty something wife, mother, daughter, carer, coach, entrepreneur, speaker, blogger and author one day.

The purpose of this blog is my personal journey of being a sandwich generation carer, taking care of my Dad and our kids, to growing my empowerment business and growing myself by shrinking my body and getting fitter.

My Dad is 88 years old and his health is declining, we lost Mum late summer 2015 so we are still dealing with our grief and getting used to the new normal.
Our girl is a wonderful giraffes neck a unique individual with extra educational and physical needs she is our ray of sunshine every single day. Our boy is approaching the teenage years with enthusiasm luckily is not too big for a cuddle of mum just yet. There are six chronological years between them and this is a challenge in itself but add in the quirks of their needs and it makes for interesting parenting.
I’ve been married to Mitch for 26 years now he is my rock and backbone always there to support and love me unconditionally. Its not always easy but we value our relationship and he is as his daughter says the best daddy in the world. He has control of the kitchen and for that reason alone he is the best husband in the world.

There will no doubt be tears laughter and an abundance of gratitude.  I firmly believe there is always something to be grateful for even in the darkest hours.

Our life is a gift and it is our responsibility to receive that gift with grace.

I love challenging people and their thinking. I really love to speak (ask my husband and kids) I aspire to be on stage as an international speaker not for fame and fortune (although a nice by product)  It is simply to make a difference in the lives of people helping groups and individuals to empower the freedom within themselves.




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